frozen beauty


Prairie hoarfrost reveals itself in the early midwinter morning while driving into the foreverness of a hazy, horizonless landscape in Nobles County, Minnesota.


So still and otherworldly, the lacy ice crystals heavily limn the edges of each leaf and twig.


Scattering the light, nearly as fleeting as the winter solstice hours, the frost this day lingers beyond the expected.


Ghostly glimmering, so ethereal; a photographer’s dream. Impossible to take a disappointing shot, with enough captures to exhaust a memory card.


“Winter is the time for comfort—it is the time for home.” Edith Sitwell


The sharp air is saturated with chilling moisture, while every surface is even colder, transforming the morning dew into interlocking feathers of ice. Drop by drop, softly icy, crystal clear.


“…the cold hoarfrost stuck to our faces like down. And the stars seemed to run toward us along the branches: they would flash, and go out again, --just as though the sky were walking round and round.” Leo Tolstoy, from a children’s fable.


Vives Annos! Cheers for an extraordinarily good new year.